Find Your Sustainable Style to Minimize Closet Waste

by Maria Burgos

Find Your Sustainable Style to Minimize Closet Waste

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Are you often tempted to purchase clothing items that do not complement your existing wardrobe?

Impulsive buying decisions that lack coherence in terms of style can lead to a cluttered closet, wastefulness, and excessive consumption. In order to minimize this waste, it is important to define your personal style.

By curating a purposeful wardrobe that revolves around versatile and coordinated essentials, you can consistently present yourself in a put-together manner while owning fewer items. When you have a clear understanding of your style preferences, you will naturally reduce unnecessary purchases and begin cultivating a sustainable mindset.

Additionally, by investing your money in longer-lasting, higher-quality pieces that align with your personal aesthetic, you can prolong the usability of everything you acquire. To discover your sustainable style, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Style Vision Board: Collect images that resonate with you - outfits, colors, silhouettes, patterns, fabrics and accessorizes. Analyze common themes to define your ideal style.

  2. Take a Style Quiz: Answer questions about favorite clothes, aesthetics, occasions and designers. Note any overlap in results that indicate your natural style inclinations.

  3. Assess Your Current Closet: Evaluate Your Existing Wardrobe: Conduct an assessment of the items in your current closet to gain insights into your innate style preferences. Take note of the silhouettes and colors that you find yourself gravitating towards and wearing repeatedly. This will help you identify versatile essentials that can serve as the foundation of your personal style. Examples of such essentials include a classic white button-up shirt, a little black dress, and a pair of nude pumps. These items can effortlessly complement a variety of outfits and serve as timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Begin building your sustainable closet around these timeless items.

  4. Choose a Cohesive Color Palette: Selecting a curated set of interchangeable shades allows complete outfits from just a few colored items. Opt for versatile neutrals with one or two accent hues. Seek classic, quality materials. Focus purchases on natural, durable fibers that improve with age. Well-made basics last for years, minimizing consumption while maximizing value.

  5. Purchase Fewer, More Multifunctional Pieces: Look for separates that transform with styling - like a wrap dress you can wear multiple ways. Fewer, multipurpose buys reduce excess. Once you understand your innate style, curating a responsible closet becomes simple.
• Classic silhouettes in your flattering cuts
• Versatile colors that pair well
• Timeless, quality fabrics meant to last
• Multifunctional separates with multiple styling options

Purchase less, but better. Fund pieces you'll wear for years that fit your personal aesthetic. This sustainable style approach leads to less overall spending while providing a curated closet actually suited to you. Begin defining your style through a personalized vision board showcasing your ideal closet essentials.

When you understand and select clothing aligned with your personal sustainable style, impulse purchases decrease. Your dollars support long-lasting, high-quality items that bring you joy - without waste.

Define your ideal closet, then fill it responsibly.

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