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Sustainability Criteria

How we choose our partners

On Trendy Seconds we believe that being a more sustainable consumer is not just buying eco-friendly products, but also about making them useful for as long as possible.

If we need so many resources to manufacture clothes, it makes no sense that on average, we only wear a garment 7 times before disposing of it to buy a new one. That’s why we are partnering with companies around the life-cycle of the clothes to offer you a simple platform where you can Choose Better garments for people and planet, Access Services that will help you increase their useful life, and Repurpose them at the end of their journey in your closet.

All the brands and partners we present on Trendy Seconds have been vetted individually. Gathering information about their sustainability impact from company’s claims and third party certifications, we classify them using 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, into these Positive Impact categories.

We are constantly learning to improve our criteria and evolve.

At no point do we believe we are perfect, which is why we are always grateful to receive constructive feedback. We are striving to contribute to creating a new and responsible way of consumption and we understand this is a collaborative task that we invite everyone to join from their own range of action.


Based on United Nations SDG 13: Climate Action

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Based on United Nations SDG 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth

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Less Waste

Based on United Nations SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

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Based on United Nations SDG 15: Life on Land

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Sustainability is a journey, and we're your trusty co-pilot

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