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About Us

We are a female founded startup based in Houston, TX, working hard to make responsible fashion consumption easy 💚. Our mantra: choose better, keep longer & repurpose.

Because the fashion industry pollutes more than all international flights and maritime shipments combined. Sadly, we are consuming more clothes than ever, and using it less than ever. All at the expense of the planet and the garment workers being unfairly treated. We need to urgently change this.

Simply put, is taking a thoughtful approach to how clothes and fashion items are made. It focuses on making sure that the people who make the clothes are treated fairly, that the materials used are good for the environment, and that animals are not harmed in the process.

This approach looks at the entire lifespan of a piece of clothing, from when it's made to when it's used and eventually discarded.

The goal is to minimize the harmful effects that the fashion industry can have on people, animals, and the planet.

Our business model works on a commission basis. For every purchase originated at Trendy Seconds site, we receive a percentage from the specific vendor involved.

Great question! Behind this concept was a frustrated consumer wanting to make more responsible fashion choices.
Read more about the story here.


No. We believe that when it comes to responsible fashion choices, we have a toolbox of options that might suit different lifestyles and budgets. That is why we also offer new products that are sustainably made and others that help you keep your unwanted garments out of landfill.

Our focus is sustainable fashion with a circular approach. This means all the products we offer are either pre-loved (secondhand in great condition), or new and eco-socially-friendly. Currently, most of our garments are female oriented, but hey, style has no rules. 

This means that instead of the linear model “take-make-dispose” that the fashion industry has been following traditionally, we believe we need to reduce waste and take advantage of resources as much as possible.

Our approach is to provide a simple platform where shoppers can easily find more sustainable products, make everything they buy last longer and at the end repurpose them into a different and valuable product to avoid creating more landfill.

Sustainability has a lot of angles. We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline. Check out the Sustainability Criteria we use to pre-vet out vendors to learn more.


We have dozens of different merchants and partnerships, so depending on the product you would like to purchase, you’ll experience one of these options:

For the pre-loved items: We’ll redirect you to the seller’s site, where you can complete your purchase (you’ll see this option on the button “Order at Vendor’s Site”.)

For the new sustainably made products: You will be able to buy directly from our platform.

No. We curate the sustainable fashion space for you, at no extra cost. Our revenue comes directly from our partners.

No. All of the pre-loved products you find on Trendy Seconds are sourced from secondhand consignment stores we have partnered with. If you are interested in learning more about where and how to sell your used garments, reach out, we are happy to help you find the best solution for your specific case.

First, you’ll be saving lots of time! After the purchase is completed, you’ll get a double order confirmation (one from us, and one from each vendor) with all the information you need to track your different packages.

Because it cuts time, resources and reduces the carbon footprint of the shipping process. We are intentionally avoiding adding one additional stop to repackage.

Curation Services

We know that time is your biggest asset. This is why we pre-select the products we have on our platform, and not simply aggregate dozens of brands and thousands of products to let you do the legwork of finding things you like.

We work with Fashion Experts to create several capsule wardrobes that reflect different styles, occasions or seasons to help you easily spot what you are looking for.

Absolutely not!

Shipping & Returns

Each vendor ships the products directly from their warehouses, avoiding unnecessary stops that create more environmental footprint.

At this moment we focus on the USA.

Returns are always handled directly by the vendors (brands and merchants) and under their company policies. Make sure to review them. If you have any concerns, we are happy to help.