The Route To Sustainable Fashion

by Maria Burgos

The route to Sustainable Fashion takes a team effort

the route to sustainable fashion

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At Trendy Seconds, we strongly believe in collaborations and partnerships for the greater good. We are all in this lifetime together, and the more we help each other, the better results we will get.

Today, we want to introduce you to a great company that is collaborating with us, changing the game, and challenging everybody to think differently about clothes and gear: Tersus Solutions.

They support the circular economy, drastically reducing the textile industry’s environmental impact. Their ultimate goal is to close the loop in textile circularity.

In this journey, we’ve learned that increasing the lifecycle of our clothes is one way to contribute to sustainability. One easy way we can do this is by taking good care of our garments. Now, we know there are some items that are more difficult to preserve than others. Let’s be honest, how many times have we ruined something just because we didn’t know how to properly wash it? (truly hoping I’m not the only one).

For those cases, the best route to take is to have them professionally cleaned.

Tersus works with brands like PatagoniaEileen FischerREI, and The North Face and also offers its cleaning services for workwear and the military, because yes, they are that good.

Now you can also take advantage of their environmentally-friendly waterless cleaning system right from the comfort of your own home, to sanitize and deodorize your high-value items, such as fleece vests and jackets, insulated garments, Canada goose items, and even your handbags and pillows!

You read right: this cleaning service uses no water, something that might sound a bit unusual for many. It uses something even better: LCO2 (liquid carbon dioxide), which outperforms water on multiple fronts:

  • Provides for a Better Clean ensuring a deeper clean without the use of harsh chemicals, allowing for the garment to experience less agitation and fiber disruption for a longer-lasting finished product.
  • Saves Natural Resources and Conserves Energy by eliminating the use of water and heat, drastically reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy, allowing for a more sustainable process that prioritizes the environment.
  • Lowers Carbon Footprint by utilizing recycled liquid CO2 via a closed-loop cleaning process, contributing to a circular economy that effectively reduces carbon emissions.

We love how technology and great ideas can come together to create solutions like these.

With over a decade of experience learning, improving, and expanding its suite of services, this company also works in sorting, repairing, upcycling, recycling, and decommissioning garments for several brands. Their machines and processes are the most advanced in the world!

I could go on, and on, but by now I think we made the point clear about how awesome this company is, so we shouldn’t explain why we admire them so much and why we are so proud to be collaborating with them.

Thanks, Tersus team for being part of the sustainable tribe that we are starting to build!

We want Trendy Seconds to become a platform to showcase innovative companies, people, and processes that are helping reshape the fashion industry and everything that surrounds it in a positive way.

We are here to help, contribute and amplify the message.

Maria F. Burgos
Founder & CEO

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